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Man is his own tormentor

People have some incorrect ideas about how the judgment works. After this life, by natural consequence, you will attain a state where you are perfectly aware of things as they really are pertaining to this world. You may think that this state is quite like your present one, and in this you would be wrong. In your present state, it is very unlikely that you have an accurate view of things as they really are. This is because seeing things that way is identical to having overcome all things and being a just man made perfect. These are equivalent because things as they really are is a measure of knowledge--the same measure of knowledge that is required for and is the definition of salvation. You can only see things as they really are in two ways: by being saved, or by dying. The benefit of the former is that you also develop, by definition, the requisite character to endure that knowledge in a state of happiness, whereas the latter entails a miserable experience beyond description--being