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Young women say they want to make an impact

One of my jobs is that I am a professor at a college. Recently, I decided to try something new in a freshman class I taught. I asked each student to come by during office hours once during the semester. my goal was to help them out in any way I could during a five minute conversation. The conversations turned out to be harrowing because of the trainwreck that is most of these peoples' lives. By and large 18-20 year olds today are ships with no rudder, no bearing, and no sails. Of course, there are exceptions, but I am generalizing here. I should not have been surprised, I suppose. I've employed dozens of people of those currently 18-26 or so, and I could not have a lower opinion of these people. With very few exceptions, these people are ill equipped for life in ways that probably are beyond fixing. If you are a parent to children in this age group, you should really feel bad about yourself. You have succeeded in raising the most clueless, most entitled, most medicated, least

Sometimes, it IS good for [man/woman] to be alone

In the garden of Eden, the gods discussed how they should create Eve for Adam since it was not good for man to be alone. I submit that the goodness of a [man/woman] being alone is a factor of what his options are. TO BOTH: No one seems to ask if they are worthy of what they seek. Since most people are pretty awful, that probably includes you, too. It is dishonest for you to be a lazy bum and yet think you deserve a hard worker. It is dishonest to think you deserve a movie star if you look like something that came out of a lab. You shouldn't expect someone who is fit if you are fat. If you make minimum wage or work at unskilled labor (bartender, waitress, laborer, etc.), you should not expect to date someone who makes lots of money. Now, relationships with people of greater success or character or looks happen all the time, and there isn't anything wrong with that. But if you are getting way more out of it than they are, you should be honest about that and try to make it

Meeting good people

We live amidst all sorts of people. Everyone will read that and say "uh huh" without really grasping to what degree it is true. I don't know anyone who grasps the immensity of the gulf between people of the lowest degree of light here on earth and people of the highest degree of light, and I don't pretend to know that gulf to the degree someone greater than me would. It is so much vaster than you can imagine. It is inexplicable. In the briefest terms, when a person of high degree of glory/light/truth/character voluntarily comes to this earth to be among people who by and large have very little glory/light/truth/character, they start out--along with everyone else--as a hopeless little ignorant baby. They do not retain their knowledge, but they do retain their "intelligence." What do they really retail in plain terms? Among other things, they retain a spiritual high water mark of sorts where they "remember" just how good things could be. How? The

The Father of fathers: Ramblings on father's day

Yesterday I had the misfortune of being at Target. While musing about the pretense of people who "don't go to Walmart," I overheard a woman with one child who asked an employee "do you guys have 'stuff' for father's day?" She said she was looking for "a hat that said dad or something." I turned to my wife, who was with me, and whispered, "don't do it! He doesn't want that, I promise!" She challenged me to conduct an intervention with the woman, but even if I am not yet wise, I am getting old enough to notice more ways in which people indicate they know full well what is right even while choosing what is wrong. It is quite amazing to note just how endemic poor gift choice is among wives. It's an inside joke among men. The wife expects something like a cruise or new car for her prescribed holiday, but thinks a comparable gift for her husband is a pair of socks, a shirt he would never buy nor has ever requested, or pi

When the fig leaves sprout...

I have enough on my plate that I don't often go back to things I've published, beyond occasionally re-listening to audio versions of books I've written in my car as part of a shuffle of scriptures and music.  Recently, a facebook friend posted a link to a video I made 14 months ago with some prophecies about the future. I saw it again as I was uploading a video on my YouTube channel, which I hardly produce videos for having focused almost all of my time on the books I'm working on. You might want to rewatch that video . Or don't. After all, I suppose people who tell you what is going to happen before it does are fear mongers, even when what they say ends up being true... It always amazes me how plainly God can tell a person something, and they ignore it and go on their merry way. A lot of times we judge Laman and Lemuel because they were visited by an angel then ignored that experience and continued being how they were before. I submit that I have yet to me

God will sweep this land clean because of injustice

I recorded a long video early Saturday morning. I have the slowest internet in the world, so it took until just now to finish uploading. You can view it on my YouTube channel. Also, I posted this on Facebook just now. You might find it interesting. This is a video of a naked man running through Seattle saying there will be an earthquake. CRAZY MAN OR PROPHET? On first watch, you might assume this is Will Farrell's latest stunt. On reflection, it's worth considering that Isaiah was sent to prophecy naked. The question worth asking is why? Obviously this man is not the smartest person on the planet, while Isaiah was an exceedingly wise man. But are we not told God will call on the simple? What smart person today would listen if God told them to run naked through Seattle saying there will be an earthquake? Honestly, would you do it? Could God find anyone to do this? If God asked a fully clothed man with the trappings of modern intelligence to warn Seattle through &quo

The collapse of the social contract

This post is much briefer than it could be. Collapse doesn't tend to happen in a flash. It tends to happen like a tsunami, which is an odd metaphor because most people don't realize that tsunamis are not one huge wave, but rather a tide that keeps rising. Complex systems ebb and flow. When complex systems collapse, they degrade more than they improve, consistently, over time. When you think of societal collapse, don't think of a bomb exploding. Think of how the typical old person dies. They get to be the age when you know the odds are high that bad things will happen. They get a sickness that wouldn't really hurt a young person, and it persists. Maybe they check into the hospital, but then they go home. But something's just not the same. Maybe there is a flash event, like a stroke, and they recover, but now they walk with a cane. Then they start falling. At first, it's a surprise. Then it just keeps happening. You put duct tape on the situation by installing

And blessed is he, whosoever shall not be offended in me.

I have had a few people bristle at how I say what I say. Most run away as fast as they can. Some few say, "hey, I can look past your tone, but you'd really get more people to listen if you said things with more tact." When the disciples of John the Baptist were sent to Jesus to try to figure out who he was, Jesus cited his works and then said: "blessed is he, whosoever shall not be offended in me." (Matthew 11:6) How interesting that even John the Baptist--the king of offense--should himself be offended by one with greater light. John the Baptist was a righteous man sent with the special mission of preparing the way for Christ in his mortal ministry. Jesus himself said of John: "Among them that are born of women there hath not risen a greater than John the Baptist." (Matthew 11:11) If even John was capable of being offended by Jesus, what on earth makes you think that you would not be? I wonder if anyone who is offended by the things I say has ev

Stop relying on the rationality of man

Western culture (as it is incorrectly called) is the result of thousands of years of reason. It has made possible a system of previously unknown prosperity, even for those we call poor, who are much richer than most people on the planet today and almost everyone in history. Everyone in the United States--every single person--enjoys a standard of living multiples higher than they would if they lived on 10 acres and had nothing but primitive tools to work the land. Not only that, but our culture has produced so much bounty that we have a population several times what could be sustained by the alternative, low-tech, reap-what-you-sow system. Most places where people live today--almost all places, in fact--could not support life in a primitive system. Everything we have now stems from and is dependent on reason. Reason, in a nutshell, is what happens when a human turns away from the emotive animal tendencies to consistent decision making based on intentional rational thought. So much o

"Upon my house shall it begin, and from my house shall it go forth"

An unjust man is an abomination to the just: and he that is upright in the way is abomination to the wicked. (Proverbs 29:27) The time is at hand when every honest, upright person will seek redress for the injustice and inequity in the system. The more just, honest, and upright you are, the more you will suffer. It is incorrect to think that the persecutions now upon us will be against the religious. Most religious people are not just, honest, or upright. We live in a world where people don't want to be saved from poor decisions, they just want to be saved from the consequences of them. They don't want to learn principles that will yield improvement. They don't seek to learn from their mistakes, they just want someone to make them go away. They want the freedom to desire any vain imagination of their heart without any tie whatsoever to reality; to laws of cause and effect declared from before the foundation of the world. This is manifest in every single modern institu

Upcoming books

The Lord told me to publish the topics I've been writing books on so that when they come out no one accuses me of changing the narrative. I've been working on these for a bit, I have no idea when they will come out, or whether one or more might split into two between now and then. Here is the list of topics, and current page count: -Rational thought, honesty, and reason as the straight and narrow path to Jesus Christ. (408 pp) -The character of Jesus Christ. (290 pp) -Priesthood, miracles (263 pp) -Priesthood, ministry of men / kingdom of God. (269 pp) -The one mighty and strong. (149 pp) -End times prophecy. (328 pp) They will probably come out in that order, but I don't know yet.

LDS culture is a menstruous rag to God

NOTE: In this post I am using LDS in a very broad sense to refer to any of the many sects that consider Joseph Smith to be a prophet. I am not sure a better term to use. Calling these people "Mormon" or "Joseph Smith believers" would be an insult to these men, whose beliefs were as different as can be to theirs.  I have not said much about the LDS church since writing Teaching for Doctrines the Commandments of Men,  having been directed to work to bring to light more urgent things. In that book, I laid out a few points where the LDS church has conflated the traditions of men with doctrine. I referenced the history around each tenet analyzed and contrasted that with the scriptures and teachings of Joseph Smith to provide a single, short resource for any LDS member to have an informed idea of what it is they believe and why. If you haven't read that book, you really should. You will be held accountable for its contents. If you haven't shared that books cont