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No half steps on the path to God: charity and repentance

Too often I get a question in the form of "yeah, but do I really have to repent? Can't I just get away with something less?" No, and please stop asking me the same question over and over again. "You said Charity can endure all things and is the only thing that can. I am constantly posed with the question in my mind of the chicken or the egg scenario. What comes first? To endure all things we must have charity. But in order to be blessed with the gift of charity, we have to endure quite a bit. In order to to reach the state of being born again, you talk about our need to actually be perfectly reconciled to our conscience. That is no small task. How are we to do that without charity? Is charity bestowed in small portions at a time to help us overcome all things every step of the way?" You can pray all you want for the gift of charity, but if you are expecting God to wave a magical wand and change you contrary to your actual desires, you will never receive it. God

Degrees of awareness of God's love: water into wine

There were two men and two innocent young women.  Man #1 learned of a car crash where a young woman who had just graduated from high school was killed on her way home from visiting her elderly grandfather. With a longing heart, he said "this is so tragic." His longing abruptly terminated when he was asked, "would you trade places with her?" He replied, "no, there are things I want to do."  Man #2 was sitting in a crowded drive through when he observed a mother and her young daughter holding hands walking into the restaurant. The young girl had a debilitating ailment that cause her to walk with a massive limp. In a moment, the man considered all the pain and suffering this daughter would experience in life as a result of that condition, and his heart broke into a million pieces. He thought about how much pain her mother would experience in helplessly watching her daughter suffer, and his heart broke again. He cried to the Lord, "dear God, I know that e

The significance of the sword of Laban

As I was writing this morning, the Lord spoke to me about Laban's sword and told me to write and share those things. Laban was appointed to be the guardian of the scriptures for the group of people that accepted him as a leader. He had an intricate sword. The sword was sharp and two-edged, and was symbolic of the knowledge contained within God's word and the authority given to any and all who will seek and live the information contained within God's word.  Laban was unworthy of what he possessed. He did not seek and live according to what he was capable of. He did not correctly value what he possessed. So God took it from him and gave it to another--Nephi.  Nephi correctly valued what he possessed. He not only lived faithful to what he knew, but he sought with all his heart to know more, and I blessed him to be able to extract more information from the plates of Laban. He slayed Laban with his own sword, which is meaningful and will yield lessons to those who study it out. 

Parable of the muddy water

 My grandfather once told me a story about how, as a paratrooper, he was once dropped very far off course. The journey back to where he was supposed to be was long, and it was hot. The water he brought with him quickly proved insufficient. As he was traversing back to his intended destination, he came across a puddle of disgusting water. It was in a tire rut in the road. It was muddy, had bugs in it, and would never have been considered potable by anyone with options. Knowing he would die if he didn't drink it, he drank it. Because he was willing to drink the nasty water, he was able to get to where he was going. 8 When thou art bidden of any man to a wedding, sit not down in the highest room; lest a more honourable man than thou be bidden of him; 9 And he that bade thee and him come and say to thee, Give this man place; and thou begin with shame to take the lowest room. 10 But when thou art bidden, go and sit down in the lowest room; that when he that bade thee cometh, he may say

Repent and trust God

It is possible to live completely in accordance with everything you know about God. By "everything you know about God" I mean all the commandments generally available in the scriptures, all the personal instructions he has given you, and also every answer to "what would God do in my place" based on your best understanding of God right now. By completely, I mean at all times and in all places, without exception, day after day, week after week, month after month, and year after year.  Anyone who does less than this will not be saved from hell. Anyone who does this will quickly receive more information from God about God, and will, with time, come to possess all things. It is exceedingly rare to find someone who does this. It is rare enough to find someone who believes it is true. This is in spite of how plainly it is laid out in many scriptures, and in spite of how easy I have made it to find these in "Seek Ye This Jesus" and other materials . The reason--th


I received a message today asking me to elaborate on my views of lust. In the past, I said something about how, even in marriage, it is a sin. I remember that ruffling a few feathers at the time. Unfortunately, because the new version of search on blogger is pretty much useless, I can't find that post, or hardly any others for that matter. That doesn't bother me too much because it is a stark reminder that this blog (or any other) will not always be accessible. Each of us ought to make it a high priority to access all the technology-enabled truth we can with the intent to refine our model of right and wrong, our understanding of God's character, our amount of trust in him, etc., before the plug is pulled. If we do this, we will have within us everything we need to continue to make the most of the light that was made available through others. If we do not, we will be held accountable for what we squandered. Back to lust: my current perspective on this topic is as follows. We

Forget about "returning to Heavenly Father"

False beliefs tend to be pervasive. They tend to affect extensive aspects of life. These effects are very hard to notice when you hold the false beliefs. False beliefs will entrap your mind, not only encouraging you to sin, but also creating significant barriers that prevent you from noticing and accepting better teachings when they are manifested.  One false belief for those from a Mormon tradition is the idea that the successful transit of mortality results in "returning to the presence of Heavenly Father." The truth is that very few people dwell in the presence of God. The angel Gabriel announced himself as one "who stands in the presence of God" (Luke 1:19) precisely because it distinguishes him from other angels. This is not a normal thing, even for angels. The vast majority of spirits who come to live on this earth are of a much lower degree of glory. Our own scriptures (D&C 76) teach that two of three of the major classes of existence in heaven do not inc

Rejoice when you suffer

We live in the darkness of a fallen world. We live in constant exposure to entropy. Inasmuch as we trust God, he will bless us to see more and more of the true nature, depth, and breadth of this darkness and entropy. He does this because he loves us.  The darkness cannot be conquered and the entropy cannot be quenched. They are infinite. But they can be overcome. Like waves in the sea, they can either crash on you, or you can learn to surf and sail over them. For some, the purpose of the gospel is to hide from this darkness and entropy. These are they who accept the body of Christ, who accept justification, and who seek the Lord's rest. These are they who seek deliverance from their trials and afflictions. Others seek a higher goal. They seek to endure the darkness and entropy. These are they who accept the blood of Christ, who accept sanctification, and who seek the Lord's character. These are they who seek trials and afflictions in order to manifest the glory of God. The Lord

The laborers are few

I've received a few messages with people expressing heartfelt desires to do more than they currently know how in the service of God. God is releasing a spirit of preparation. Angels seen and unseen have been dispatched to prepare the hearts of men for the fullness of times. Balance your spiritual discernment of a greater dispensation of light coming with the need to prepare your hearts and minds for its arrival. These things will not come through you seeking things beyond what lies directly before you. There is no way to skip steps in the path to God. Do not seek the higher seats in the synagogue. If you envy "greater missions," you are woefully ignorant of what they entail. Do what lies directly before you, and rejoice that this is God's will for you. This is what will best prepare you for what is coming.  Avoid the temptation to focus on things beyond what you can currently understand and know. Focus on repenting.  Focus on doing what God has already shown you how t

Judge righteous judgment

Two couples went to dinner. One woman, knowing her husband hated sushi, suggested they get sushi, justifying herself by thinking it was no crime to sometimes do something for herself. Her husband, hating sushi, happily agreed to go along, considering the outcome for his wife to be his desire. The other husband considered only his excitement in trying something new. His wife, the last to opine, agreed with everyone else. She also hated sushi, but valued the avoidance of conflict above all other things.  Each of these people committed to the same action, but each did so for very different reasons. Only one acted righteously; the other three sinned in three distinct ways of varying wickedness. Jesus said we must judge righteous judgment. Instead, we tend to project onto others our own motivations. We assume that they do what they do for the reasons we would do the same. Because most people are wicked, this has the following results: -For the wicked, this means they assume others are wicke

Why don't you do more videos?

I don't do more videos for several reasons. 1) Because to take the time means spending less time writing books, and writing books is what I've been directed to do. I currently spend 3-8 hours per day writing, more on most weekends. I don't have any more time I can vacate for the purpose. More on this later. 2) Because it makes it too easy to fool yourself into thinking you are making use of what the Lord has revealed, is revealing, and will reveal through me. Even limiting the scope of what has been revealed to what is contained in those videos: Where is any person who comprehends the magnitude of what is there?  For now, it is enough of a concession to have audiobooks. This is a convenience that will not continue for all of the books that remain. The Lord told me that those who are not willing to make the time and effort to read them are not worthy of what they contain. It will not help them. But there will probably audio versions for the next 1-3. For now, what is require

Suffer the little children and preach the gospel in every tongue

One of the chapters I am writing in one of my books is about the manner in which the gospel will be preached to every kindred, tongue, and people. That chapter is not ready, and the world is not yet ready for it. However, there are some points that I can share now that the world both needs and is ready for. First, explained very briefly (I will explain it in long form in books to be published later), to preach the gospel to every kindred, tongue, and people means to teach people from exactly where they presently stand, according to the ways they are capable of understanding. It does not  refer to "language" as in English, French, etc. Rather than delivering some canned sermony message, it means to really comprehend where someone sits, and to deliver to them the precise next step in their journey of improvement. God is filling the earth with the spirit of gathering. Maybe, to avoid conflating what I mean by "gathering" with what people understand when they hear "


 It is amazing how much light is available in this world, and how little is perceived. It is amazing how much light is made available through others, and how little is received. It is amazing how much light one can notice, and still reject it all. It is amazing how much darkness comes after someone falls. It is amazing how much darkness exists it is infinite and complete. And yet the light shines throughout, tenacious but discreet. It is amazing how the wheat can move and though we see it, we ignore what cause lies behind the movement, and whether there is more to be known of whence it comes from and to what end it goes; for what purposes it might be harnessed, by those who these things know. There is so much light available in this mortal sphere, but most live their entire lives  of what light is so near. They remain quite ignorant of the vast treasures which lie in the hearts of a few good men who for their fellowmen would die, sent from a perfect God,  who loves us more than we know

"Because the branches have overcome the roots thereof"

The other day, Utah experienced a wind storm where gusts up to 90 mph toppled trees all over the I-15 corridor. Many pictures show large, old trees toppled over. In some pictures, a shallow root system can be seen exposed under the uprooted turf. These were not small, young trees. Many are 100 years older or more. Some were no doubt planted by the pioneers. While all of these trees seemed established and health a week ago, now they are dead. They have been revealed to be something far less mighty than previously thought, and all it took was a little wind. 90 mph gusts really isn't too bad. It's something many parts of the country deals with on a regular basis. Apparently, the Utah corridor has been protected from such ordinary circumstances for 100 years or more.  In other parts of the country, trees tend to grow root systems that approach the equivalent depth to match the height of the tree, making the tree resilient to wind. Many of the trees downed in Utah had very shallow

Heed and diligence determine your experiences with God

What kind of a relationship do you want to have with God? What are you willing to do to have it? What do you suppose is the path to obtain it? There are two and only two things that determine what kinds of experiences you have with God and how often they happen: heed and diligence. Both of these things are completely and totally up to you.  You are 100% responsible for the presence or absence of the experiences you have with God, and how often they happen. Setting up stakes "It always has been when a man was sent of God with the priesthood and he began to preach the fullness of the gospel, that he was thrust out by his friends, who are already to butcher him if he teach things which they imagine to be wrong; and Jesus was crucified upon this principle." (TPJS p310) "Many men will say, "I will never forsake you, but will stand by you at all times." But the moment you teach them some of the mysteries of the kingdom of God that are retained in the heavens and are

Our understanding of God should change

It seems to me that what most people understand as a prophet is someone to whom God delivers quotes about the future, which they repeat. It then comes to pass precisely as they said. This type of communication certainly exists. I have received communications like this, as will anyone who has received the gift of the Holy Ghost. If what we limit ourselves to are these kinds of explicit messages, we will be limited indeed. They are rare. Yet, we have an always open, unlimited channel available to us. There is an additional source of light and truth which allows us to actively use the power of reason that God gifts us through the quickening of the Holy Ghost. This power exists by degrees, based on the heed and diligence one exercises. Like a sword, it can be dull and rusty, or sharp and polished. Like an edge, it can always  be sharper than it presently is. While the first type of revelation is passive (it comes whenever God sends it), the second type of revelation is active. It yields to