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Update on book progress

I haven't been blogging much. I haven't had much to say that is bite-sized. I have found that with the world going the way it is, I need to put in the time to put together stronger weapons. I've been focusing on books. I don't expect to spend much time on this blog in the future, though I think I might spend time on videos once I have a chance to get some of the bigger topics published in books. But who knows. I have finished a book on faith. It's being proofed now. I expect it will be out sometime next month. One reason these books are taking so long is that I'm not writing any from start to finish. For example, I started a book on the character of God before I wrote "Seek Ye This Jesus." I have to follow the flow of what God teaches me, and there are a lot of laterals off of the topic of his character. Those threads have to be traced out before coming back to what is a summary of a lot of material.  As of this morning, I have 3,565 unpublished pages

Question: How do I help people that won't be helped?

I received a question from someone today. I've stripped the details out of their question and posted a modified version of my answer to them below in case it is helpful to others. Q: Over the last few years or so I have known several individuals who have stopped believing in God as the result of faith crises.  I have tried to help them see the evidence for God in spite of the bad examples by many religious people and institutions. What do you do with people like this? How do you reach them? Is there anything that can be done besides "be patient"? A: If by being patient you mean doing nothing, that's always a terrible idea. Religions tend to teach that righteousness is a binary attribute. It isn't. It's continuous. We don't have to worry about people being 100% or 0%. Hardly anyone is either. Instead, we ought to think in terms of shades of improvement, or improvement as a series of contiguous, successive steps.  Everything is connected to everything. Peopl