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Our God is a mighty God

God is a warrior. He rides towards the sound of battle. He is relentless. He never gives up on what is right. He will never, ever stop trying to help all who will receive help. He is a rock. He is unwavering and unmovable. The more the darkness presses into him, the harder he pushes back.  His love is never ending. Nothing that can be done can decrease it or cause it to cease.  God is good. He is loving, merciful, and true. No amount of trust in him will ever be betrayed. No amount of darkness can extinguish or dim his light.  Invite him into your life. Seek him in all things. Be relentlessly faithful and obedient to him. To the extent you have obtained his goodness inside of yourself through learning and living his character, you will feel his strength and project his goodness. When the waves of life crash upon you, glorify him by standing up to them. Lean into your faith in him, and let them break against you.  The faithful will shine as lights as they maintain their trust in God at