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The closer to God's handiwork you get, the more of his influence you will experience

I was listening to a podcast just now and a guest launched into this beautiful, stream of conscious truth bomb (punctuation left out of transcription):

"[We are] in the middle of nowhere in the beautiful mountains and I'm like looking around and I was like you know if if you were a god-hating atheist you would sit here and stare at these beautiful mountains and look at these tall trees and breathe this fresh crisp air and there's nothing but you in the sunset and nature and you would say this is all I need and you would feel spiritual if you go and you look up at the [trees] and you look up at them you have a spiritual moment I don't care who you are I don't care if you hate God if you have your own problems with God you understand spirituality you take your shoes off and your socks off and you put your feet in the take a deep breath you'll understand there's something bigger than you in the universe and that spirituality is always going to be needed by people there's no digital environment that can replace it...get out of your basement go walk through a Park start with that go get some sunlight and then realize that this world's already a beautiful magical unbelie--like breathtakingly gorgeous place and it's all there and most of it's free...and you should possibly consider like enjoying this gorgeous Earth as God made it and not looking for some cheap digital substitute created by people who hate you."

The closer to God's will that we live, the more of his law we experience, and whether we realize and understand it or not, it affects us.

One cannot overstate the importance of shifting your life around to get closer to the dirt, closer to the laws of reality, and away from the artificial. It's one of those things you just won't realize the importance of until you do it.