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Everyone has a voice. Share yours!

I have often mentioned the theme "sing according to the song of your heart." I have also made several videos on the topic of preaching the gospel in your own terms, receiving light that God sends to you from various sources, consolidating it, and rebroadcasting it in your own style, vocabulary, and contexts.

I wanted to share with you just a few versions of this. I want to make clear that while I know and have corresponded with each of these people, we are all free and independent thinkers. I don't want to incriminate any of them as endorsing anything I say. All of these people have every right to disavow any view of mine, and I may or may not agree with anything they say. You might find some echoes of what I say in what they say, but you'll probably find them saying it better than I have, and they could have heard it right from the source, not from me. That should be a sufficient disclaimer to avoid anyone thinking any worse of any of them because of what they think of me.

Marc wrote a book called "By A Thread" about liberty from a gospel perspective. He has a YouTube channel where he's made videos narrating the book. There is nothing fancy about the recording, production, or setting, but the consistency of Marc's sincerity in life shines through on these videos. They will certainly speak to a specific set of people. Maybe you know someone in that set, and you can share them with those people.

Mr U (I'm not sure if he puts his name on things, and I don't want to extend him more than he has extended himself) has a channel called Uncorrelated Mormonism. His videos are few, well-produced, well-spoken, and well-organized. The preceding link is one I really enjoyed. These videos are great for a Mormon audience. You could probably easily forward them to any member of the LDS church, no matter their stance, without any strenuous setup.

Jared recently started cranking out videos where he shares his thoughts about the gospel. Jared has been writing a public book where he summarizes his current perspectives on the gospel that you can find here. His YouTube channel overlaps some of that content, but it is more stream of conscience and wider ranging. You might find that style particularly relatable, and maybe you know others who would, too, with whom you can share his videos. In this video, he shares some specific ways he is trying to improve himself.

Cindy made a six video in-depth presentation on her thoughts on womanhood, with a focus on sharing what she's learned with young women. I would think this content would be very helpful to young women, and would hope that people would share them with those in the target audience. 

Pierrick is a handsome, smooth-voiced Frenchman who has focused on short, well-produced videos targeting the broader Christian audience. His messages so far focus on repentance. You might find his content to be especially sharable with a broad selection of your contacts. 

If you have a channel that wasn't mentioned here, I might not know of it, but regardless, please don't be offended. This sampling is meant to give a taste for the diversity of how each of us can use the unique voice God has given us to share our own perspectives, and to demonstrate how different signals will reach different people with different effectiveness.

I promise you that no matter how imperfect or insufficient you think your voice may be, there is someone out there who needs exactly what you have to share in order to receive a little more light and truth than they otherwise could.