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Response to email comment on greater vulnerability

A long-time reader wrote: "I don't know if you've ever been so vulnerable in sharing the [personal things you have in recent material.]"

Many years ago, I wrote "Seek Ye This Jesus." To that point, it was the most time-consuming book I had written. Much of the difficulty was transforming the content from descriptions of my experiences into statements made from and backed by scripture. Every single time I slipped into a vignette from my life, God would speak to me and say, "take that out." He explained very clearly that he intended every point in that book to stand or fall on his already-revealed word. He wanted all people to be accountable for the information in that book independent of anything having to do with me. I thought that sounded like a good idea, even though it was very difficult, as it was something in which I had no previous experience.

Some time ago, he began teaching me on a theme I call "come and see." [1] He explained to me that there are things best taught at a distance, and things best taught very personally. There are pros and cons to both distance and proximity, but both have a place in the way God would have us teach. 

None of what I do has anything to do with my personal preference. I do not enjoy making videos, but that is one channel he has instructed me to use. He's very explicit about what I teach and how I teach it, and what not to teach or how not to teach it, and when to do each, and I do what he tells me to do. So when you see a burst or dearth in what I'm publishing, or changes in how I'm doing it, realize that these are not just random. They are very intentional. There is a plan, and nothing is arbitrary.

I would prefer to go live in a cave and write my books in solitude until they are done. The burden is heavy, the value of the information is beyond anything else I know of, and the urgency is extreme. But I do not know everything God knows, and his plan is better than mine, and I do whatever he tells me to do whenever he tells me to do it.

Even when the post seems personal, realize you are only getting the tiniest glimpse of the full picture. The available depth of human experience far exceeds what is commonly known and what can be imagined by anyone who has not yet experienced it. It is possible to grow in who and how you are far beyond the bounds of what others see. Jesus was around 33 when he was killed, and even at that relatively young age, John the Revelator--who did not fully know him--said he could not be adequately described even by filling the earth with books about him. 

God is endless and eternal. He promises to be a well of unending living water to all who love him and seek him with all their heart. It takes an eternity to get to know the Son and the Father, and all of us are each in a different place in that journey.

Even when it seems I am bearing my heart, I am only bearing the sliver God has commanded me to unveil. There is much more. I assure you, no matter how well you think you know me, you have no idea who I am or what God has given me. I say this because if you don't understand this possibility in human form, you cannot understand it in God, and what he is and has is so much greater than what can be found in any man.

What is shown is intended to stir you up to believe more of what is possible with God, from God, and in God. This is why, when Andrew and John followed Jesus after John the Baptist had testified of him, Jesus said, "come and see."

There is a lot more to see, and not all of can be seen at a distance. [2] If God ceased interacting with me today, the remainder of my productive years would be insufficient for me to transcribe and share what he has already given me. What I have published is the tiniest fraction of what needs to be said, let alone what could be said. Thankfully, the more truth a person accepts, the greater their bandwidth becomes with the Holy Ghost. The more truth you accept through a human source, the more additional truth you gain from the Holy Ghost. It's quite an amazing system the Lord has.

There is a season to all things. There are waves of water, and waves of fire; times of growth and times of culling.

God's entire creation is a system of impulses and echoes. The echoes are responses to the impulses. The echoes become impulses for others, who do not see or do not value the first impulse. The sheep become shepherds. There are impulses, and there are echoes, and the ripples fill the whole universe. This is how God operates, and it's the way every member of his kingdom operates. Fully consume the impulses of which you are aware, and make all the echoes you can to all others. We are in the midst of a tsunami of light and truth from God. There is no stopping it now--the obstacles that could have stopped it have been overcome. It will roll forth until it fills the world.

[1] - Ideas from God can be organized under headings or themes, and though they may change as the revelation comes, it's a helpful technique to organize what otherwise might seem unrelated thoughts. The way God organizes information is no different than the way matter organizes in the universe around focal points, like galaxies spinning around a point, or planets orbiting a sun. The ideas coalesce and combine, and sometimes there are jarring reorganizations. Planets and stars are born in the same way as the books I write.

[2] - This is not an invitation for anyone to come visit me physically. There is a time and place for personal interactions, but that is not what I am talking about here. I am talking about the need to fully consume what I have already made available.