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A friendly reminder: where you live matters

As a reminder, where you live--and who you live among--determines many things, including the composition of a jury if you are accused of a crime. This isn't exactly on the mind of normal people, but it should be. The expected cost of something is determined by multiplying the probability of its occurrence by the cost it would incur. If you live where 80% of people do, a jury will convict you of anything--whether you did it or not--so long as they hear the right emotionally- and politically-charged words. And if they did so, it would very likely ruin your life, because it is very likely that you do not have contingencies built in for such things, for almost no one does. So the question becomes: what is the likelihood of someone coming after someone like you? If you are a normal person, you might think "why would anyone care about little old me?" Think again. I assure you that the bar for getting noticed is much lower than you think, and it drops further every day.

I recently made a video on moving.[1]

I saw this tweet this morning:

If you think this sort of thing just happens to famous people, you've got it backwards. You hear about these things because the person is famous, but rest assured you are looking at the tip of the iceberg. The way you should be thinking about this is "if they can do this to the rich and famous, and people with tremendous followings and money, what could they do to me?"

This post and this post are worth rereading.

If I ever get around to doing another prophecy video, I will include the fact that the pushes to divide existing states and counties in the US will increase. I say increase, because they've been growing for some time. I hope these are successful, if for no other reason than to delay the increased civil unrest and total collapse that will surely follow either way. Because the criteria for splitting counties and states are so hard to meet, and require the approval of the very people these splits are designed to flee from, I seriously doubt they will succeed in any noticeable way. But I hope they do.

For example, I live in an area where 75% of the votes in my county come from a city with diametrically opposed beliefs on fundamental issues compared to the 25% who live in the surrounding county. Every single person I have spoken to in the 25% wants a separate county. I have no doubt we could raise the signatures the law here requires (50% of the proposed new county) to divide the county. But we do not have a voice, as a vote to split off would require a majority of the county residents, 75% of whom live in the city and love to milk us as tax donkeys.

In my case, this is the exactly place God has told my family to be. But, without explicit revelation, I would never live in a place like that, for all the reasons I have listed here, and many more besides.

[1] You may not find my videos moving, but at least you'll find my video on moving. (Sorry, couldn't resist).