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Doors closing: South Carolina proposes move-in tax

South Carolina has proposed a move-in tax for new residents to the state. This doesn't surprise me whatsoever. Nor does the fact that they want it to go into the state coffers instead of paying a dividend to state citizens. What surprises me is how long it took and how little it is (less than $1,000).

Look for the same elsewhere, and look for those amounts to increase.

Whatever the mechanism, and however long it takes, as I have been telling you for years, the difficulty required to move to better places will only increase, until the only way to flee will be with what you are carrying as you set out on foot.

Now, there is a reliable crowd of folks who call such statements fear mongering, even in the event that they end up happening exactly as stated. I will agree with these folks one thing: you shouldn't do anything because of fear--not even serve God--and in this I disagree with many people you probably consider to be holier than me. You see, I do not fear God. Not at all. Not even a little. I can't, because I love God with all of my heart, and the love of God pushes out all fear. They can't co-exist. John described this aptly in his epistle. I love God because he does nothing but give us superabundant (as in, far more than whatever would be necessary) reasons to do so. His entire creation is saturated in reasons to believe he loves us more than we could ever comprehend. There is literally nothing more that could possibly be done to show us. It is good for a person who is not ready to love God to instead fear him. It's a wonderful (and probably necessary) stepping stone. But once you truly love God, you cannot fear him. Anything anyone else might interpret as being terrible from him, you would interpret only as the greatest possible evidence of love any being could possibly show to you. And I truly, deeply, whole-heartedly believe that.

So you shouldn't move if you are doing so for emotional reasons like fear. This would be hasty, and we are explicitly told not to move in haste. So what is the opposite of emotion? Reason. When you have sufficient reasons to do something, what you do cannot be describe as hasty, no matter how rapidly you might do it. It can't be described as extreme, no matter the magnitude of the action. And it can't be considered a bad decision, no matter the outcome, because what is most justified by reason is ideal in the moment, even if later learning reveals something better.

There are still places to which many can find a way to move, and God still works miracles, but both of those will continue to get harder to find on this topic. What you will see is an increasing need to adopt increasing humility, both in the expense they are willing to take and the inconvenience they are gladly willing to assume in order to heed the warnings God has issued. Work, family, and other situations that were manageable before will suddenly become insurmountable barriers, and overcoming them will require unprecedented faith in and sacrifice toward God. That is a hard pill to swallow for people long-steeped in unearned prosperity, but those who do not go through the eye of the needle willingly now will be unwillingly shoved through it later, with much greater pain and to far less spectacular outcomes. This is not a prediction, as it is already the case, just as I told you it would be. It is merely a statement that the pattern will continue and increase in intensity.

Jesus said:

37 If I do not the works of my Father, believe me not.
38 But if I do, though ye believe not me, believe the works: that ye may know, and believe, that the Father is in me, and I in him. (John 10)

I believe I've given you abundantly sufficient reasons to believe what I have said on this topic. However, if you don't feel that I have, you should definitely not listen to what I am saying. To do something you don't fully believe will only lead to outcomes that don't match your desires or willingness. Instead, if you believe I am wrong on this, think about what your sufficient reasons to move would be, commit yourself to them, and write them down in a place you will remember, reference, and heed. Ensure when making your list that you do not make your line in the sand events that would make it more difficult costly to leave than you would be willing to pay. For example, those folks in the town by the recent chemical train fire now have zero ability to sell their homes, and to leave means walking away from everything and being homeless. And other changes happen much slower, but by the time you notice, it is too late--such as when lots of people relocate to your neighborhood from the inner city or illegally from other countries, which also renders an enormous loss on your ability to sell your home for a reasonable price.

I promise you that, no matter what you make your line in the sand, those circumstances will arrive, and when they do, you will be blessed to whatever residual level of faith you have exercised in holding yourself to what you previously committed to.