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Email response: "Is it bad to want Babylon to fall?" and "How do I gather Israel?"

Q: "Is it bad for me to hope to see this terrestrial Babylonian order in which Nations as ours are exalted beyond what Justice would allow and the economic order that causes me to receive more than I deserve; to burn to the ground and be replaced with something much better even if it will cause me pain to go through?"

A: All good people will come to the point where they pray day and night that God bring the system down. The desolation of the United States will come according to the prayers of the righteous.

Q: "I have [a] desire to help gather Israel but I just can’t see how this will come to pass for me."

A: The kingdom is gathered when people do what they know presently where they are presently while seeking and responding to additional light and truth that God brings them. This includes sharing what they have learned with others, and recognizing and looking for what they realize they lack.

Much more on both topics later.