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Question on God's sense of humor

Q: [Does the Lord have a sense of humor? Can you tell me more about it so I can more fully live it as I teach the gospel to others?]


The Lord does indeed have a sense of humor. Like everything about him, the description of his humor could easily fill many books. And, like every other facet of his character, the more that is revealed, the less good it would do to those who need it revealed to them through someone else.

One thing that I believe is valuable for all to know is that the value of his laughter means so much more than anyone else's. You see, the burdens he has carried exceed all others, which makes every demonstration of his happiness worth so much more than the same in anyone else. This is like the value of a starving man giving away his food to another who is not yet starving compared to an opulent man giving away his food to one who is starving. Worlds apart.

So many miss the demonstrations of holiness in our world because they are so blind to the relativity of things. This is one example. There are those who bear heavy burdens here, some even approaching those of Christ, but who would know it? And as they carry their cross, the world regards their moments of levity the same as those of an ignorant child or typical foolish person.

All that being said, our individual qualities give us the ability to reach others in ways that those who have different qualities cannot. Humor is certainly included in this, and while we ought to do our best to learn about and emulate all qualities of Jesus, our ability to reach those who cannot appreciate such things will diminish as we do. That's all part of his plan. As we ascend, the number of people we directly reach will shrink, but the good we provide to those who we gain the ability to help in doing so will grow much faster.