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The price of perfect contentment

I have found tremendous value in the adage that I am capable of doing the best I can imagine myself doing, but I find others are more often overwhelmed by it, as if the burdens of anxiety, depression, guilt, or regret are any lighter than the exhausted satisfaction of ending each day knowing you left nothing on the table. Jesus said, "my yoke is easy, and my burden is light." (Matthew 11:30) and I believe what he meant was that doing one's best all the time--which, in the ultimate, is living as the Ideal himself would in your place--is the easiest possible path when you honestly consider the cost of doing anything else.

When you live this way, you stack up situation after situation where you have no shred of doubt that you did all you could, and you look forward with complete confidence to being able to say the same about your life as a whole. What is contentment, if not this? What price would not be worth such a gift?

28 Come to me, all those who are cumbered by the burdens of this world, and I will free you from them.

29 Make my burden your own, and in me you will find freedom from the burdens of this world. As I seek and do the Father’s will in all things, he teaches me more of how he is, and in him, I overcome the world; Live as you understand me to be, I will teach you more about myself, and the truth will make you free.

30 Dedicate yourself completely to my service, for everything I ask of you is for your greatest benefit, and there is no easier way to overcome every challenge you  face than by living according to my will. (Matthew 11, Author's Reflection)