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Young people want meaning, but are not willing to do much to find it

The following is a repost of part of this article:

Probably one of the most terrifying realizations for the average person in their teens and 20s is the fact that they are not special. They are not born with a built in greatness and are not fated for messiah status. If they want to do something extraordinary as individuals they will have to work hard for it. In fact, most people that do great things are not necessarily smarter than the common citizen, they just put in the work that others refuse to do.

Then there are those that cut corners. The allure of instant purpose and instant attention has never been more powerful than it is today in the digital age. Rebels without a cause used to be isolated from each other and thus less inclined to do anything stupid. Now, these people are connected to each other within micro-seconds and can organize into mindless mobs at the drop of a hat.

Leftists make finding a purpose easy – You don’t have to accomplish anything. You don’t have to struggle or persevere. You don’t have to be creative or inventive. You don’t have to compete or climb to the top of the heap. All you have to do is destroy. All you have to do is stand on top of the structures that other people built and burn them to the ground. That’s it. It’s simple.

A political movement with no shame is a difficult movement to defeat, if only because right and wrong are no longer a factor in participation. When justification is based on subjective feelings, impulse and self aggrandizement rather than reason and conscience, there is no way to dissuade those activists from their goals. When destruction is the only ideal, diplomacy and debate are unthinkable. It’s like trying to negotiate with a time bomb, or a brain tumor.

Destruction is the easiest motivation for a movement. Creation and conservation are hard. Leftists know that the young are not inclined to ponder ten moves ahead on the chess board. They would rather throw the chess board to the ground and then strut around like they won the game.

The problem is, if meaning is only found in derailing and burning, and legacy is only found in vanity, then the arson must continue into infinity. What happens when there’s nothing left to destroy? There are only two possible outcomes: The leftists in their blind fervor go on to destroy each other, or, the establishment tricks the next generation into constructing their own gulag.

The latter seems to be the end game for progressive elites and globalists – Use young useful idiots as a weapon to forcibly introduce massive social upheaval, then lock them up in a slave camp and call it Utopia