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LDS temple sealings do not confer anything unavailable outside of LDS temples

Q: "What would you say to your wife if she asked you, 'don’t you believe in the temple anymore and the covenants you made there, don’t you believe in eternal marriage?'  This is how I responded saying, 'yes, I believe in those promises we made, and we can be married forever, but that depends on how we live, that ordinance in the temple was an invitation, God is the one that seals in the Heavens what is sealed on earth.'  So bottom line, is that true?  Is there still a sliver of truth in the LDS temple rites?  Would God recognize that marriage performed in the temple if we live righteously?"

A - what: There is nothing done in LDS temples today that confers anything beyond whatever true information is contained in what is done or spoken.

The blessings available to anyone who has been married in an LDS temple are available to all people under the same conditions, which have everything to do with how they treat each other and how diligently they learn from and act like God, and nothing to do with anything they or anyone else does in the temple where the ceremony was performed.

A - why: Read the chapter called "Temples" in the book "Teaching for Doctrines the Commandments of Men." You can download the pdf for free from this blog.