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"Now that I know Jesus for real..."

 Andrew Tiner posted this a few days ago (video):

"Now that I know Jesus for real, I will never go back to doing church, doing worship, doing the ceremonies that they do in church to try to prove to the world that they are a church and that they are Christians. The churches here in America are apostate. They have fallen away from God or maybe they never were with God. They advocate for all kinds of sin. They teach people that you will always be a sinner, that you never truly repent. They accept all kinds of perverted things. They keep people out of the kingdom of God and they themselves are not entering the kingdom of God. If we want to come into a genuine relationship with Jesus Christ, we have to sever ourselves from the world and from false religion. Do you love Jesus Christ? Do you want to hear His voice? Do you want to be led by Him? Or are you content with the lies in church? May the grace of Jesus be with you."