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Some early words on revelation

Before the world was, God made a plan whereby all things pertaining to creation would be revealed during creation. As part of this plan, all truth was partitioned precisely for times and places, until, in the end, all truth was broadcast at all levels to all people. As part of this plan, certain truths were assigned to certain people, whose mission would include coming here (either as a mortal or an angel, and sometimes as both) to reveal (and, sometimes, to first obtain) these things.

That being said, there is a quantity of information appointed to all men, and this quantity so far exceeds what is commonly held that you would have to range far and wide to find anyone who holds it.

Allow me to employ an analogy: All people have a genetic limit for how large their muscles can grow. If you range far and wide, you can find a person who has exerted the research, honesty, and discipline to grow their muscles to their genetic limit. It will be very odd to find someone who spends that much time and effort on such a strange thing out in general society, but if you go to a hardcore gym, or--even better--a bodybuilding competition, you will find a crowd of them.

So it is with spiritual things. Where the carcass is, there the eagles will gather.

There are some, who, obtaining something of value, associate part of that value with the fact that they alone possess it. Spiritual truth is not like this. Spiritual truth does not lose value when it is shared. In fact, its value grows through sharing it. This is because the greatest joy comes only through learning to denominate your own joy in the joy of others. The more you give away, the more you have.

God has been indescribably generous in the opportunities he has given me to seek him and learn from him. Every day I have to exert effort to keep the water behind the dam, because it takes effort and time to process things you receive into a form that is receivable to others. Many truths, for example, can't be shared in a sufficiently persuasive way in short form. Many things require lengthy, successive ways of prerequisite truth in order to build a ramp up to the point where faith has a fair chance against unbelief. It is hard to bear the burden of standing at the nexus of what is and what could be, but it is a gift to be able to serve others.

I rejoice when I find tidbits of the things I have treasured up but not yet published revealed out in the open by others. It's always tricky to disentangle the message from the jargon, the messenger, and all the sticky stuff that is hard to avoid in mortality, and nothing in partiality is as good as the same thing in fullness, but for those with eyes to see, and ears to hear, a tremendous increment is available here and now as a "free sample" for the banquet to come.

Today these two videos came to my attention. They have very valuable tidbits of information for those who are ready to receive it.