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A nice video review of human bias and modern majority ideology

 Some will find this too verbose and intellectual, but for those who can extract the value, there are many important ideas expressed in this video:

I recommend watching the whole thing, as various different ideas are explored.

I've intentionally skipped the introduction, which is unnecessary.

Some rumination:

There are so many valuable ideas regarding how humans think, the role of reason in the gospel, the present inescapable political situation, science, religion, and how all things connect to all things. This video touches on only the smallest portion of what could be said, and doesn't touch a great deal of what ought to be folded in. I have not seen anything that even gets close to taking these ideas and breaking them down into their simplest. I hope people come forward with more and better attempts at explaining these things to the residue of people. I will do my best in my future books.

I also wish there were a ready way to help the ~40% of inhabitants of wealthy nations to understand  how extensively the ideology of the ~60% has been corrupted, and to what degree the current cultural degradation enables future depravity. It is so much worse than they think.