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There are only two lands God has ordained as gathering places for his people

What feels like an eternity ago, I was sitting in a church in South Africa when a fellow said something about building up Zion in Cape Town. I turned to him and said, "God has never said Zion would be found anywhere but the United States. You can build his kingdom here, but Zion will never be found anywhere but in the United States of America." Everyone who heard me felt extraordinarily uncomfortable, as they should have.

Anyone who reads this blog knows that I am no jingoist. The only special thing about our government these days is that we have probably sinned more against greater light than any other government in the history of the world, as measured by the value of what was given compared to the degree to which we've rebelled from that value. 

What makes this place special is the place and what God has pronounced about the place, not the government--which won't be here when Zion is built.

There are only lands in the world that God has appointed for the gathering of his people: America and Israel. Each place will be subject to very different experiences and blessings.

Neither place will be recognizable after his people gather to them. However, for all people who live anywhere else, but claim to be followers of God: what are you waiting for? Any other place is merely a waypoint to experiences that will be uniquely found in the places God has appointed for the gathering of his people.

Much, much more will be revealed about gathering in the near future. But are you acting on what you already know? If not, how can you expect to recognize and accept greater light on this topic while in willful rebellion to what you already know?

Economic globalism is forever dead. It died just recently. Theological globalism is also going to die through the diminution of information channels that presently interconnect us. After it does, those who do not live where God is sending light will miss out on that light.

It's time for you to consider whether you are making every appropriate effort to live according to what you know in this and other areas. The consequences for alignment and misalignment will continue to increase nonlinearly.