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Increasing Dedication to God in the Face of Increasing Opposition

This post will be woefully inadequate compared to the importance of the topic it entails and the significance it holds for your eternal wellbeing.

I have often tried to describe to you where we are and where we are going. Relevant to this post, I have used imagery such as:

  • A flood that comes with ebbing and flowing waves, sometimes noticeable and sometimes subtle, but with ever-increasing base depth of water. This flood requires you to find higher and higher ground to stay above it.
  • A fire that will burn hotter and hotter over time, with some spots hotter than others, requiring you to find greater and greater protection from the fire in order to avoid being consumed. 
  • Etc.
Today I am warning you about a pattern and specific fulfillment of it that is harming you and will harm you more as time goes on, as long as you fail to see it and respond as God intends, to the purposes for which is he has allowed you to be subjected to it.

As a whole, those who profess belief in God only actually believe in him in partiality: only part of the time, only in some things, usually only when it is convenient. While each person seems to have some big thing they are unwilling to do (or stop doing) for God, each person has a host of little things--even the smallest, easiest little things--they absolutely refuse to do (or stop doing) for God.

In times past, in great mercy, God has winked at this rebellion. He has not forgiven it, nor has he forwarded blessings precluded by it, but he has graciously withheld the swift judgment it deserves (as he will not be mocked) for the sake of the world, because there was time left and the net benefit for those yet to live was greater than if judgment was poured out on those who deserved it.

That time has ended.

With the unfolding of the end times, all things will be revealed. In the face of all knowledge comes all accountability. While I won't attempt to elaborate on that, I will say this: the things that were winked at in the past will no longer be winked at.

Right now, with relatively low water and relatively cool fire (if there can be such a thing), there are so many EASY AND QUICK things you could do to advance the kingdom of God in yourself and in the world, and yet you do not. And the time is close at hand where the price of advancing the kingdom of God will drastically increase: what you will have to do will cost you so much more than it does today.


We live in a time where people are not willing to even forward a link to help others learn more than they previously knew about God. We live in a time where people are not willing to sacrifice even the time they sit on the toilet to learn more about God through watching a video or reading a book. 

The time is fast approaching where there will be no videos, no books, and even no toilets.

In between then and now will be populated by many intermediate situations. I will tell you of one for which you should prepare.

What happens when financial services block your transactions or even cancel your service because they do not like something you spent your money on? What happens when what you say or do online connects to your ability to conduct your normal transactions in society? What happens if they retroactively search your activity?

And this is just one of many many things that could easily happen without any fundamental change from how it is today.

If you are unwilling now to take the lightest of stands for what you believe by posting a quote or a link or just stating your opinion, on such defensible and important points against such relatively light opposition, do you think you will come out in boldness like a young lion when the price is much higher and the statements you make might be so constrained against your will that they consist only of the most obvious and unhelpful of points?

And what do you think God thinks of all of that? Do you think you can join the ranks of Abraham, who sacrificed all his whole life, when you won't sacrifice anything? Do you think you can be numbered with Daniel and his friends who aligned their lives with God even at the penalty of their lives when you don't dare deviate from the expectations of society whatsoever in order to align with God in the least?

If you are unwilling to overcome the slightest bit of the world when all evil is still fairly bound up, or at least distracted or hidden, do you really think you will overcome the world as the fullness of its evil is unleashed?

If you choose temporal comfort over obedience to God now, do you really think you will do better when the choice is between compliance to the world to save your temporal life or compliance to God to save your eternal soul?

Everything follows everything else in sequence. I tell you, if you cannot do the little things, you will not do the big things. If you cannot follow God in the little things, I promise you that you will not follow him in the big things.

Everything follows everything else in sequence, and those with eyes to see can see plenty of evidence that things are fundamentally different than they were just a short while ago. For example, take the open violence you see all over the place all the time now. Or the vulgarity. Or the open sexual deviance. It is easy to be a frog in a pot, but you have to use your brains and imagine how a person from as recently as 1995 would react if they time travelled to today. But you don't even have to do that. Just go talk to just about anyone who was an adult in 1995. They don't even have to be morally upstanding people. Even Bill Clinton says things have gone too far, at least in one aspect.

When you see people believing absurdities, you can safely bet your life savings that atrocities are soon to follow.

I told you years ago why it would be a good time to take measured and rational action to think about better places to live and work. I promised you the time was near at hand when it would be much more difficult. I said the windows were closing. 

Then covid came, as I also told you it would.

How easy is it to move now compared to years ago? How much more would it cost you? How many avenues were open then that are closed now?

Do you think the increasing cost of spiritual "moves" I have plainly told you about will be any cheaper in the future than the temporal moves I told you about are now?

Cleanse your hearts. Follow God. Desire him. Honor and obey him, and love him. Love others as he loves you.