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What about your out of print books?

A reader wrote and mentioned two books (pamphlets really) that I wrote that are no longer available, except through internet sleuthing. 

If I pull content, it is for one or more of these reasons:

There is more/better available from myself or others, so your time is better spent on the superior materials. For example, the two pamphlets mentioned are circumscribed by other things I've published, and those later writings do a much better job and contain other related important ideas.

What was conveyed is true and valuable, but it has become apparent that people need it in a different format to actually understand or be more willing to obey it. It is harmful to give people things they are not ready for, unless there are people who really do need it, those who will be harmed had and opted against the opportunity to prepare for it, or unless things are coming carrying more severe consequences for which those teachings are needed.

I would advise against looking for and spending time on those things, but if you feel so inclined, I can't stop you. I imagine that your time would be far better spent spending more time reading (and rereading) what is available and--most importantly--spending more effort reconciling yourself to the voice of God within you. The books can augment the intensity and content of that voice, but that voice is the vehicle and the point.