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First comes reconciliation to conscience, then persecution for doing so

Whenever truth is revealed, it comes with consequences.

In my last book "Repentance," I made a case for why it is so important to follow the dictates of your conscience in all things. The benefit of this revelation is that everyone, everywhere now possesses the strongest argument ever given for what repentance is, why it is so essential, and how anyone, anywhere can immediately hear the voice of God and begin progressing to more frequent and more substantive communication from him.

The end times pattern is that truth will be revealed in ever-increasing clarity and quantity, creating a wedge that gives every individual the choice to become more righteous or more wicked.

In this case, the separation is between those who will follow the dictates of their conscience at all cost, and those who will not. 

Now that the way to live according to conscience has been revealed, several consequences must come with it. First, the world is accountable for not doing so. Second, the adversary is allowed to increase his activities that opposition may continue in all things. The path has been opened for great tribulation for those who follow the dictates of the conscience. We are about to see presently unimaginable persecution of those who follow the dictates of their conscience (the voice of God to them) in all things.

Those who will follow their conscience will find themselves facing the loss of many things, including their reputations, jobs, their homes, family members, health, food, freedoms, and, in many more cases than most believe, their lives.

This is all according to God's plan, as unmerited suffering qualifies the faithful for greater blessing. 

All of this will be explained in greater detail with scriptural support in time via upcoming books.