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"No One Ever Told Me"


Behold, here is the agency of man, and here is the condemnation of man; 

because that which was from the beginning is plainly manifest unto them, 

and they receive not the light. 

(D&C 93:31)


There is a growing list of things that people really should not say to me. They are things that they know are outright lies, but are so widely parroted by so many that the sheer absurdity of the statement and all it reveals about the person using it becomes non-obvious--until they make the mistake of saying it to me.

Examples of this property include the phrase "my truth / your truth" or "agree to disagree." Today, I'm adding another phrase to my list, which is "no one ever told me."

The phrase "no one ever told me" is what people say when they come to the realization that they made an incorrect choice, typically after it is too late to turn back to the opportunity they've squandered, and almost always when they did, in fact, know they were going down the wrong path.

Examples of this include:

-People who waste their lives in a dead religion.

-People who go to college for an unemployable major or realize that going to college was less helpful for their career than going directly into the workforce (basically everyone except doctors, lawyers, or accountants).

-People who marry an insufficient candidate.

-People who date many people for fun instead of hunting for the right spouse as quickly as can be done properly.

-People who outsource their children to society and then are surprised that they grow up mentally unhinged, miserable, unsuccessful people.

-People who fritter away their best years, only to want to have children, only to realize they are too old, too broke, too tired, and too selfish to have or properly raise children.


Here is why the phrase "no one ever told me" is an absolute lie. We have more information, freely and instantly accessible, than anyone has ever had in the history of the world. Anyone can google anything in a fraction of a second.

While I have been taught many gems of wisdom from God that I have never seen or heard anywhere else, I must admit that everything needed for an extraordinary life is abundantly evident to anyone who is honest.

There is abundant evidence that the paths of the majority end in misery. The questions that reveal better paths are not particularly tricky to formulate. It's all so obvious that an 8 or 10 year old who isn't doused in insane ideas can figure it out with only the slightest guidance. 

For example, there are so many people on YouTube blasting gems of wisdom. Here is a brief smattering of examples:

-There are hours and hours of audio from Jim Rohn (deceased) explaining principles of character development and temporal success. 

-This woman is spouting serious truth about gender roles and women.

-This woman is accurately pointing out the shortfalls of common Christianity and church worship.

-David Goggins is brutally honest about self determination and conquering affliction in life.

That's just a random smattering. 

So much is out there. For people to say they didn't know doesn't just imply they never looked. Sure, you won't find videos like the ones above without looking. But the evidence of problems and solutions to those problems is so abundant that you have to be the most dishonest of people to claim it's not obvious.

It is obvious. Don't fool yourself into thinking that lame, obviously dishonest excuses will sooth your conscience when you wake up and realize what great opportunities you've squandered. It will be too late, and it will not be sufficient.

Care about the benefit of others who you could save from making your same mistakes more than you do about lying to yourself about why you did what you did. Tell the truth, and bless those who have yet to make the same mistakes you did. Tell them what you wish someone would have told you. Make stronger arguments than what were made to you. Put the truth right in front of them so that they have even less excuse than you did.

Some people think they are headed to Zion when they aren't even willing to send someone a quote, send them a link, or send them a book. Zion requires the sacrifice of all things. If you aren't willing to do the little things, you definitely aren't willing to do the big things.

Note: You are going to find some language in some of the sources linked above. Rather than disclaim that, I'd encourage you to be as sensitive to more important sins than you are the use of "bad" language. I'd rather hear truth containing cusses than lies without them.