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Beware of paragraphs masquerading as words. Often, a word is so heavily programmed with subliminal meaning that its use conforms the hearer (and even more so, the speaker) to ideas that, if expressed plainly, they might strongly protest.

One such word is "pride." Do not be so naive as to be manipulated by those so carelessly slinging around a word whose subliminal programming carries so heavy consequences.

Any idea so radical suggested by any religious institution would rightly be scrutinized by its outcomes.

Please tell me when we'll get a month of recognition for a religious idea whose practitioners:
-Are more than double as likely to kill themselves.
-For the most part, take one or more mind-altering drug to be able to cope with normal life.
-Mutilate the genitals of children.
-Prescribe life-altering drugs whose affects endure long after a potential decision to stop taking them.
-Are so imbibed with denial of objective reality that it severely decreases their ability to contribute to objective reality, from work to family creation and otherwise.
-Openly talk about murdering those who do not support their religious idea, or dare to suggest objective observations of its cost.

I expect that will never happen. And rightly so. If someone were publicly preaching such a religion, I would consider myself a coward if I did not publicly preach against them. I would not want to work in companies that pushed such a religion, or send my children to schools that support such ideas (let alone actively push them). I don't think I would long maintain friendships with people who constantly talked about such a religion.

The scriptures are replete with descriptions of good ideas as those whose worth is demonstrated by reality: your house's worth is determined by the strength of it in a storm, your character's worth is determined by what trials it can withstand, etc. Jesus said wisdom is known by her children, not her cheerleaders. Maybe this is good advice for all ideas, not just religious ones.

Meanwhile, advocates of extremely harmful ideas seem to have taken to the use of the word, "affirmation." Affirmation is a funny word. It seems by this word they mean "to synthetically create supporting evidence for an idea which lacks supporting evidence in reality." This is the opposite of caring for, loving, or supporting those who adopt delusional, harmful ideas. 

I am not interested in ideas who have no value outside of the mental constructs of people who tear down more than they create, and who cannot withstand the slightest wind of trouble in life. Strong characters do not dowse their problems away with mind-altering drugs, kill innocent babies, or murderously seek the lives of those whose ideas disagree with their own. 

Those who seek what cannot be found where they look will never accomplish what they claim. They promise the impossible. Their actions and desires are the definition of vanity.