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A burst of alethia

I was looking for something in my notes and my eyes scanned the following reflection on Isaiah 55:2, and my heart valued it so highly that I could not withhold sharing it:

Why do you exchange your silver for what cannot nourish you and consume your toil on outcomes that are less than their cost? Listen to me carefully: eat what makes you grow the best, believe what is most useful, do what conforms to your conscience, desire what you believe is best, and admire what is beautiful, and your soul will increase as what is contrary to the best God can presently give you is consumed to ashes, making the way to see, obtain, and rejoice in increase everlasting. 

This is the desire of the Lord's heart for you and for me, and as you live it, you will feel him smile upon you. What could possibly be greater than increasing the Lord's joy? I know of nothing.

My footnote to the word "silver" read:

Not just money, but also your strength, e.g. the good that you could do. Silver shines because it is a full reflection of what shines into it, illustrating the potential of a man to be the reflection of the fullness of God. “And again he said unto them: If ye teach the law of Moses why do ye not keep it? Why do ye set your hearts upon riches? Why do ye commit whoredoms and spend your strength with harlots, yea, and cause this people to commit sin, that the Lord has cause to send me to prophesy against this people, yea, even a great evil against this people?” (Mosiah 12:29)