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The abortion issue plainly displays the depth of depravity in our present culture.

It is shocking that such a large percentage of our population believes it is acceptable to murder a baby. It is fascinating that these people think that any of us who oppose them care what they have to think on any other issue. If you are ok with murdering the most innocent form of humanity there is, I am not interested in what you think is moral or immoral on any other topic.

Let's briefly review the arguments they provide in support for their position.

"Reproductive rights"

We ought to strongly and publicly object to the absurdity of calling this "reproductive rights." We ought to accost those bold enough to speak lies to our faces with the truth. Let's be honest about what is being discussed here. 

A woman's right to choose exists. It ends when she chooses to have sex.

If abortionists cared about reproductive choices, they would stress them. They don't. They do nothing to educate people on the serious consequences of such choices. They do nothing to discourage promiscuity. They don't even focus their efforts on preventative or "morning after" birth control. They are all about what happens way after the fact.

Their entire apparatus is focused on reproductive consequences. No one mysteriously has sex. You know when you have sex, and you know you are pregnant 4 weeks after the act. Why it takes three months, six months, or nine months to decide whether you want to have a baby is absurd, when you ought to decide before you have sex in the first place.

A woman's choice to have sex does not include the right to murder a baby, should she get pregnant from her choice to have sex.

But what about rape?

First, let's be honest about how infrequently this is the case. It's an almost insignificant percentage of time. Whatever your stance on the rape exception, you need to weigh the consequences of the principle against the particulars of exceptional circumstances. This is a fundamental concept foundational to every sense of the civilization we live in.

That aside, to accept rape as an acceptable justification for abortion violates many principles that we claim to believe as a society. As a specific example: suppose a couple has a 6 year old child. Then, the man rapes the woman. Would you say that the woman now has the right to execute her 6 year old child? Why not? How is this any different? Why couldn't all the same excuses be used?

But the principle here is broader than rape. The question is whether the crimes of another person against you give you the right to commit crimes against an innocent third party? There is not one example of where we condone this except in the case of abortion. Furthermore, as a society, we accept that murder is a greater crime than rape, which further weakens the argument. It is an absurd argument.

"But a baby is not a person."

Your rights end where they impose upon the rights of others. Babies have rights. They are humans.

Without resorting to any religious argument, we can conclusively state that this argument is absolutely impermissible after 21 weeks, which is the youngest age of viability. This argument alone proves the absurdity of abortionists. If their arguments concerned only babies older than 21 weeks, they might have more ground to stand on, or at least a way to seem slightly honest.

Two months provides the opportunity for two missed periods, which is proof enough that you are pregnant. No abortion should be legal after 10 weeks, and I have a serious problem with anyone who can't strongly agree with that. I see you no differently than the world saw the workers of concentration camps after WWII. I see you as a person who would willingly murder an innocent person.

Speak up and speak out

The vast majority of people will only do the right thing when others first do the right thing. It's time we become more vocal about our standards--not imposing our conclusions onto others, but boldly and loudly sharing our reasons every time they assault us with their moral depravity.

When it comes to babies, any example of a more helpless and innocent victim is hard to imagine (though they exist in the form of extremely righteous people, Jesus being the paragon).

If you will not defend these, who will you defend?

If you will not defend these, who are innocent, how will you cry to God to defend you, who is not innocent?

Do not allow people who support abortion to go unchallenged. Help these people preview the guilt they will feel when they die in their present perspectives. When you hear the arguments, provide eloquent rebuttals. Pour out the truth and let it sear their quenched consciences. Nothing you do will approach the terrible and eternal consequences that await them, and goading them with the guilt they deserve is the best you can do to help them repent now while preventing as many as possible from walking the same torturous paths they have.

Do not allow people who support abortion to pretend to have any moral authority on any issue. These are the same people who most loudly condemn others with emotive summary character assessments ("disgusting," "vile," "morally reprehensible," etc.). Allowing these people to pass moral judgment on anyone or anything is far worse than taking financial advice from a beggar, marriage advice from a prostitute, or exercise advice from an obese person. If one is so blind as to advocate for the murder of babies, devalue any and all they say on any matter requiring sight. Tell them so, and tell them why.