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Join our livestream Sat Dec 31st, 10AM mountain time

This Saturday I'm going to try out a new format: a livestream with a guest. The guest is Todd McLaughlin, who has written and spoken on various gospel topics. Todd is a real pleasure to speak with, and I'm looking forward to it.

We are going to try to guide the conversation around questions you submit, so you can either put them up as comments on this video or email them to me at upwardthought at gmail. You might also be able to submit them live during the stream.

On that note, this will be an experiment with the tech we are using. YouTube has some funky provisions for this tool, so if for some reason you can't join the chat (or see the stream), it might be limited to subscribers. I didn't read the documentation very carefully.

Anyway, I hope it is useful, and that Todd being there helps us keep roped in!