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To all who donate to the Ugandan orphanage

Hi all,

In the past I have promoted an orphanage in Uganda that has been supported from the states through an organization for this purpose called "The Future is Now," run by Ed Burdick. Long story short: Ed recently went on a trip to see how things were going there and found that the funds he was sending were not being spent the way it was being represented. He was kind enough to let me know, and I'm passing on the info.

I'm not sure yet what Ed is going to do moving forward, but if you are donating to this organization, you might want to discontinue your support, at least for now. I am.

Much could be said about human nature, the challenges of helping others, and especially of doing so at a distance. All of these topics are important to understand, think about, and learn from. The path to Zion will have many opportunities to give your all for another, only to see your giving treated as nothing (or worse) in return. 

I know of a few who have given much for this organization, including Ed. Hopefully, this situation is not so extreme for you, and provides the opportunity to learn much early that will pay dividends in more severe cases.