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I told you this would happen. Here's what's next.

I have been saying for many years that the foundations of modern society had been quietly obliterated, and that you would see many apparent changes in human behavior as circumstances arise to reveal it. I've mentioned how these shifts would surprise you.

This article notes how retailers are locking up many different products that would have been unheard of, say, five to ten years ago. Like ice cream. I am still waiting for pharmacy counters to look like bank counters (bulletproof glass), but I fully expect it.

I'm not writing this article to say, "I told you so," but to tell you more.

You are going to shortly see products, services, and even businesses going off the market without anything comparable to replace them. I've probably said this before. I'm saying it again. It is going to happen.

The underlying principle is that, contrary to what people are led to believe today, products and services do not spring forth out of thin air. They exist only because they can be sold profitably. As costs continue to rise due to the abandonment of principles of enlightenment (sometimes called "Western Culture"), things just won't be affordable by enough people to achieve the economy of scales needed to make it worthwhile.