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Things I would discuss if I had more time or if others weren't already doing so

There is a large pile of topics I would discuss if I had the time. Many of these things would push past the importance threshold if it weren't for the fact that others are openly discussing them. I hope your eyes and ears are open, because what these people are saying is vitally important to you and I, and will absolutely effect critical aspects of our lives.

About a week ago, I watched a video by Matt Walsh challenging young men to marry. I have something to say about it, but many others have already posted videos on YouTube reacting to it and saying similar things that I would say about it. We all ought to be engaged in sharing the most valuable truth we have access to. In my case, this means focusing on what others have not yet said. Besides, when it comes to truths about marriage today, if you need it said again, you must be hiding under a rock. The stats are readily available, and they present a very different picture than what Matt Walsh suggests.

This morning (1/13/23) I made a poor decision for a background video to listen to as I was working out, because it had me thinking so much that the workout didn't work out. I've marked the point at which it gets interesting. Here, Jordan Peterson discusses a few things regarding the recent threats to his psychology license:

1) He has many acquaintances who will not speak out because they are not yet financially independent, and they know they would lose their livelihood.

2) The regulatory bodies in medicine, education, and (he doesn't mention this one, but I know from firsthand experience) science are mandating overt woke positions to gain or retain certification.

3) In spite of the fact that Peterson doesn't even practice anymore, and that the only consequence of the worst these people could do is symbolic, and in spite of the fact that he has tons of money and millions of people that will buy anything he sells in the future, the charges brought against him have severely disrupted his mental state for a significant period of time. And this is Jordan Peterson, whose career has been all about how to become tougher than what the world throws at you by staring it in the face and conquering it.

I will live it to you to process these points--my weights await--but here are some breadcrumbs:

- What do you think something like this would do to a person who isn't financially self-sufficient or hasn't spent a lifetime developing global expertise in facing tough situations and or who is not well-practiced in standing up for what is right no matter the consequences? How many would be overcome? How many have already faced this? Peterson's principles--as valuable as they have been to so many--are obviously insufficient to contend with what the world has the power of putting out. I recently put up a video discussing the idea of fire that gets hotter over time, and how you have to find principles (and the people God sends to reveal them) that have the power to withstand that heat. Peterson has not and probably will not overcome the world, but he will bring some closer to doing so.

- If they can do this to Peterson, what will they do to you? What are they already doing to you? How many people will stand up for what is right against such opposition? How many have already sold their souls by refusing to do so? Who won't be eaten by such a monster? What is the value of one who is willing to stand up to it, in spite of the cost? How rare is such a one?

-What will happen to the pillars our way of life relies upon as ideologies contrary to reality are forced upon the institutions charged with training those responsible for building and maintaining it? For example, what happens if those tasked with solving the world's ever-billowing problems are more concerned with virtue signaling than innovating, when the long-standing requirement of exceptional performance and IQ is set aside for requirements of political opinion, gender, or skin color? We don't have to speculate; it is already upon us, as any of you in or around those fields can plainly see. Short answer: we lose the arms race against complexity, and society collapses as problems everyone should have seen coming regularly and efficiently demolish the plenty and provision carefully built over more than a century of intentional sacrifice to the laws of reason.

There are many Christians who are looking for the mark of the beast. Though none seem to get what that will be, there are those who are getting closer in their guesstimates. The mark of the beast will indeed be a specific thing. However, it doesn't come out of nowhere. Those with eyes to see recognize that it is merely the last step on a path that began some time ago. 

Unfortunately, almost all of those who watch for the mark of the beast--heeding the warning of the terminal nature of the choice to accept it--are already on the path to accepting it. They don't realize that if they criticize those who are cancelled instead of offering to help them, if they stay in a geographical place they know is not best for them and their family even when they have the ability to move, if they stay silent to protect their income even while harming their conscience, if they take a mandated experimental therapy instead of losing their job--they are already on the path to taking the mark of the beast. They are already conforming to the presently available previews of the future situation. The future situation will be much harder to avoid than these things are now. If you can't or won't do the right thing now, it is extraordinarily unlikely you will do the right thing later.

Wake up.