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My soul did long to be there

Each day, I frequently exercise all the self-control I have not to write or record material for this blog or my YouTube channel. God shows me daily why I need to focus on the books he has instructed me to write, and why it would do more harm than good to spend more time providing much lesser things--even though they are urgently needed--compared to the much more important things he has commanded me to write, and teaches me about each day.

Still, sometimes when my heart overflows with the love of God, and I see nowhere to put it, I glorify him publicly.

One of my favorite musical pieces is "On Earth As It Is In Heaven" by Ennio Morricone. There are many reasons why this musical number deeply impacts me. 

One reason is because it reminds me of the movie it was used in. "The Mission" is a movie that not all will appreciate. I won't ruin it for you if you have not seen it, but I feel deep meaning in seeing two devout men worshipping God according to the dictates of their conscience, amidst extreme resistance from the world, with a fullness of what they have to give. I feel deeply the measure by which they still fail to connect to the ideal that they seek, which is to bring to pass God's will on earth as it is in heaven.

Another reason is that it reminds me of a time that the Lord brought me into his court in heaven, and I heard the concourses of angels singing to him. There is nothing I can imagine ever hearing on this planet that can compare to that, but this is probably as close as it gets.

When I recall this experience, I am filled with all the same feelings I felt on that occasion. To say that my heart longs to be there is possibly the greatest understatement possible in the English language.

Most people long to have spiritual experiences in the first place, and most who have them share a desire to have them again. Most need to stay here, according to God's law of doing what benefits the most, so that their activity here will increase their joy there. However, God's law of justice has a special place in conjunction with his other laws, and there is a point where his justice requires that he no longer impede a person's ability to come to him. He gives them the choice to return home at any time. While all who have such experiences long to be there, some of us actually have the choice. 

A great portion of my heart wishes that I could take you there, so that you could see what I saw, and hear what I heard, but the Lord has led me through sufficient experiences to deeply comprehend that even if you saw what I saw, and heard what I heard, you would not feel what I felt. What we feel is a composite of so many things, and a subject I am going to publish much about. To put it very briefly, there are experiences we must go through while here in order to feel the joy we have the potential to feel there. So I stay to do my part in providing the way by which you can one day indeed see and hear, but also feel what I did. And do. And will.

And this is why I simply cannot spend much time writing blog posts and recording videos. My meter is running, and every hour comes with a higher price than anything in this world can offer.