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Response to offer to put my youtube videos into a podcast format

[EDIT: Not long after sending this response, I got an email from someone else with a pretty convincing counterargument to my reluctance to convert the materials. That counterargument didn't reduce the need for new cascading materials, but it did convince me of value I did not previously see in making things more available. Stay tuned.]

I get that the world is quite used to channels of narrowing bandwidth, but I think with youtube we are already beyond the threshold of the minimal required bandwidth for what needs saying. You've read a few of the books, so I bet you can see that. 

There is a way of looking at all of this like a tree (in the programming sense). The problem with creating more and more accessible materials is that you can't do it without losing information. The stuff I write needs to be propagated down the tree, and doing that with lossy compression at lower nodes is probably not an effective way. 

I think there is definitely a space for people creating content that is more accessible, and I am sure there are folks who can only be reached in this way. But the way to do that is for people to take a small chunk of some idea and create their own content where they discuss it. For example, if someone wanted to make a one hour podcast on garments (and FWIW, there are more important topics!), they could use the chapter in "Teaching for Doctrines" as a starting point, make their own content, and publish the podcast. To be most effective, people creating downstream should point to the upstream content for those who desire it, so they know where to find it.

As you get to people requiring materials with greater ease of access, the likelihood they will see the value in the content I produce goes to zero quickly. But the odds of them seeing value in bite-sized chunks intentionally crafted for their constraints increases significantly. 

I've been asked a bunch of times to go on others' podcasts or come speak to people, and I'm declining those invites because the value I'm producing in these books is much greater and can't be done by others, but many other people could say most of what I would say (and probably in much more accessible ways) than I would in podcasts or talks.

The things I'm doing are too far upstream for most people to grasp. It takes a lot of work from others to get them downstream. It's unavoidable.

This is what I meant by "impulses and echoes" in this video