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The hormonal apocalypse

Facts about women

Until the early 70s, women in the US tended to have their first child at 21. Now, it's over 30. (source)

Way back when, the average age of first period was around 17 years old. Now, it is 12. (source)

Facts about men

Testosterone in men is dropping at 1% per year, and has been for many decades. "The average 22 year old man today, has an average testosterone level roughly equal to that of a 67 year old man in 2000." (source)


Low fertility rates, birth defects, miscarriages.

Increases in female cancer.

Decreases in female happiness.

Significant decreases in male productivity and employment. (source)

More working age men living with parents than ever. (More than half of 18-29 year olds are living with parents)

ED in men under 40 is skyrocketing (<2% historically, as high as 40% now).


There are many factors that influence sex hormones in men and women. These include (unranked):

- Type and amount of food consumed

- Time spent playing outside (really)

- Obesity

- Porn

- Use of plastics and exposure to microplastics in water or air supply.

- Hormonal birth control

- Chemicals in municipal drinking water

What can be done?

Know that parenthood is increasingly only for those who are able to beat the odds through application of wisdom and difference in action. Understand that ladies who postpone childbirth are increasingly and unknowingly opting out, and understand that fewer and fewer men are able to reproduce or support a family. 

- Take charge of what your children eat and how much they eat. Ensure they get enough exercise.

- Try to grow as much of your food as you can, and minimized consumption of processed foods.

- Move to a place where your kids can play outside.

- Install a reverse osmosis water filter or move to place with a well.

- Do not put your young daughters on hormonal birth control.

- Train your children to abstain from porn. Make sure you are leading by example.

- Move to a place where the air is clean.

- Teach your children the biology of age and reproduction. These videos are good. 

- Filter potentials for marriage by outward, obvious signs of reproductive health. These are obviously not surefire, but both male and female fertility strongly correlates with obvious outward signs.

Larger implications

As we wend through the end times, you are going to see the unfolding of consequences that were not foreseen by many for actions that seem normal, good, healthy, etc.

Those who see things things early will react in ways that seem extreme to those who do not. Those who do so correctly will be vindicated with the passage of time, as the severe consequences for not doing so unfold.

There are many, many examples of this that are ongoing for all with eyes to see.