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A comment I made on a YouTube video

I wrote this on a YouTube video, and I figured someone might find value in it:

As you said, little girls are much inclined to beauty and good, in the deepest sense of the words. I don't think it's just social imprinting alone that turns them away from it as they age. You said in another video that every man a woman is with splits her soul. Generalizing a bit, I think young ladies--consciously or not--realize the weight of the importance of who they choose to invest their heart into. It's a horrifically important decision, and when it is made poorly or cheaply (as it most often is), the heart waxes cold on every successive attempt. Less to give and less willing to give with each successive one. It's easy to tell someone facing that situation that there is some easy alternative. It's an easy lie to tell. Much harder: telling young ladies that they ought to have extremely high standards in men and prefer being alone to being with a man who is not worth loving with all your heart.

Also, you said it is hard to find high-quality men. I respectfully disagree. Here is a more correct statement: it is hard to find high-quality men in normal social situations. You are not going to find a high quality man at your job as a waitress, or in classmates in college, or in a bar. You are going to find them creating value: starting and running businesses, writing books, sharing wisdom on social media, etc. They are only hard to find for those who aren't looking up. Go to the finish line to find the winners.

High quality women, on the other hand, are extraordinarily hard to find, because just as a man's exercise of high quality masculinity makes the more publicly prominent, a woman's exercise of high quality femininity makes her harder to find. She's not going to be pushing out into the world, but craving and seeking what is most like the home and family life she craves. Her display of femininity will be manifested in her living situation (with her parents or with roommates or something more exotic, like volunteering living in an orphanage to help out) which will be mostly private. It used to be that guys could find such women in high enough percentages that all the normal/old ways of meeting women worked reasonably well for finding these types, but not anymore. This is why it is vital for high-quality women to look in the right places for high quality men, and make their presence known.

I made this video on this exact topic: