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Vultures seek the corpses

Wherever the corpse is, there the vultures will gather. (Matt. 24:28, NRSV)

Those with light will begin by making full use of whatever remnant of light remains from those who left it behind when they died. To those who make full use of what is already given, more will be given.

Flies are drawn by excrement and death. Most people are like flies. When there is no more death, they will find they have lost all that they desired.

Bees are drawn by flowers. Most of the people who aren't flies are like bees. When the winter comes, bees must survive on what they already gathered, and live in the dark.

Fireflies are drawn by light brighter than their own, and few there be who are like them. The light these humans receive in so doing makes what they sought ever-available, because it is always within them.