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Beware ideas whose very names are lies

When you lie about something, you present something that you believe will be better regarded than the truth.

Many ideas, things, organizations, and so on have lies built into their very names, because if their name told the truth, far fewer people would entertain, support, or defend them.

Here are some examples.

Progressive politics

Progressive politics are the last place you will see any data sought or presented about how exactly the proposed change improves things. Often, you will find ideas embraced whose abject failure has been thoroughly demonstrated every time they've been tried. 

A more honest name for progressive politics would be something like "the party where you believe whatever we tell you is good, without the burden of proof, and even contrary to it."

Conservative politics

Conservative politics styles itself as keeping things just as they were before. The same does not necessarily mean better, but this is less of an obvious flaw than assuming all change to be improvement, since if something was acceptable before, it is much less likely to be terrible than something new.

Unfortunately, conservative politics (or religion) changes aplenty. It's just that the changes occur at a delay compared to the progressives.

A more honest name for conservative politics would be something like "the party where you willing accept changes suggested by your team that you raged against just a few years ago when the other team suggested it." Not exactly as snappy, but much more truthful.

Universal ______

Whether we are talking suffrage or income, it seems that anything with the word "universal" in it is guaranteed to exclude people from whatever is described. People say we have universal suffrage, but between convicts and illegals, there are tens of millions of people who cannot legally vote. So no one actually supports universal suffrage, but they pretend to when it achieves their aim of shutting down conversations about just who should be restricted from voting (for if it is a good idea to restrict convicts and illegals, what about the clinically insane, or those on welfare, or those who do not own property, etc.). Universal basic incomes was only recently first discussed when covid stimulus checks began rolling off the printing press to everyone except the huge number of people who got less or nothing because of their income. Hardly universal.

Smart cars

What do you call a car that uses as much fuel and costs much more than many larger, safer, and more fuel efficient cars? Apparently, a smart car, because only smart people would pay much more for much less.

More examples abound...


Beware of the bait and switch. Don't let people manipulate you through naming something that sounds good while proposing something very different.