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Water, dams, and effects seen and unseen

Recently, a dam was blown up in Ukraine. The official story is that Russia blew it up, but it is much more likely for a variety of reasons that Ukraine did it. It's an odd thing for normal people to consider a government blowing up its own stuff, but not so surprising to those who have been paying attention.

Many people are now fleeing for their lives as everything they know is swept away by water they were not expecting. Even though they live in a warzone, even though they know their government is likely the most corrupt on earth, and even though they already had a growing list of false flag operations conducted by their government that enrich the rulers at the expense of the people.

I have previously mentioned that the ideas and experiences God has led me to and through are like a dam of water. There is an outlet where I have been constantly pumping water out from, and water spills over the full edge every time a gust of wind blows, but almost all of it remains behind the dam.

One day, the dam is going to blow up. Everyone who lives downstream of that dam is going to suddenly have far more water to deal with than they ever imagined existed. Those who have ignored every sign that there is a massive volume of water somewhere upstream from you, who have not moved their proverbial houses to higher ground, or at least purchased a boat, will be overcome. If you can't process a managed trickle of a creek, how will you navigate a wall of water that just keeps coming? (Dams don't empty all at once--there is an initial flood of water, then the water just keeps flowing until the reservoir empties. What happens if it never does, because as quickly as it is poured out, it is replaced?[1])

One interesting thing about water is that it is relatively heavy. It's not particularly noticeable when you are lifting a glass of it, or even a gallon jug of it, but large containers of it are so heavy that their construction necessitates a solidity that itself becomes unmanageable, even when empty! Try lifting a 1500 gallon plastic container, and you'll know what I mean.

Water is so heavy in aggregate that it actually affects gravity and the shape of the earth. When you have a massive collection of water, it affects all people, even those who have never seen it, don't know about it, and don't notice the effects. Some scientists and engineers might notice and even precisely measure the effects, even if they don't know the specific source.

You may not yet know it, but there are certain truths that God assigns to specific people. This is not a violation of his impartiality, though. It's similar in principle to many government contracts--though a lot less shady. Regularly, government entities will skirt the laws requiring them to bid jobs out publicly (in order to avoid graft and price gouging) by writing the bidding requirements in such a way that the specific conditions could only ever be fulfilled by the company they already selected to do the work. While one hundred entities might apply for the contract, only one will get it, and that is known from the beginning. With God, there is no grift, because (1) all people were on the same standing "in the beginning," and (2) any specific conditions are not arbitrary designations for a holdout, but the real conditions required by the laws of cause and effect and how things really are. Referring back to the analogy, a special one-of-a-kind magnetic device is required because it's actually required to do the job, not because the target company is the only one in the world with that device.

You may not yet know it, but when a revelator obtains and reduces to words truths never before revealed that only existed previously in spirit, the world changes, whether anyone else notices the change or not. Changes occur whether the revelator has actually shared those words with another yet or not. One change that occurs, believe it or not, is that the revelator's sacrifice has made it possible for God to offer those same truths to another person at a much lower cost. The particulars of this are beyond the scope of the present discussion. But to put it as plainly as I can: when God reveals what has never been revealed to a person who has paid the price to obtain it, others can then obtain it for a lesser sacrifice. The most obvious way this happens is when the revelator shares those things via voice or print or demonstrated example, making it possible for others to obtain the same truth that may have cost them suffering beyond description for the mere price of minutes or even seconds of their time. But it also happens in less obvious ways, such as the Lord telling you a portion of the same for your merely asking him, when the revelator had to fast for weeks or years for the same. Note: fasting is neither the greatest cost nor the most important one, but it is one you can presently understand, so we will refer to it.

For a while, I thought that being "first to market" with certain ideas, mysteries, etc. would be necessary to help people understand the gravity of the whole message. The point of it all is to help you see just how glorious God is: how good he is, how much he knows, and how willing he is to share all he has, if we will just submit to him, and love him, and love one another the way he has demonstrated by loving us. I also thought that shrink wrapping it all would be the greatest protection against individuals willingly or innocently running off with a piece of the message and doing more harm than good. I retain the belief that many of these ideas must be shared initially in a context that will serve the same purpose as warning labels and safety seals on prescription drugs, but the fact is that Pandora's box is open, and the Lord will continue to reveal all his mysteries until the dregs of the cup are poured out, according to his purposes, his wisdom, and his love.

Now I find myself trying desperately to balance the benefit of neatly packaged books with the constant need to say certain things in the moment as an insurance policy in the event that I do not finish these books before my ways of sharing them are taken away, and all of this while being massively constrained by my total lack of reserve time and effort.

[1] He that believeth on me, as the scripture hath said, out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water. (John 7:38)